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Get Life Insurance without a Medical Check Up

Non medical life insurance is our specialty, we work with the largest providers of non medical life insurance coverage in Canada to provide you with the coverage you need. You can get non medical life insurance coverage for up to $500,000 without having to undergo medical tests. There would be no needles stuck in your veins or those sorts of uncomfortable things. We offer a straight forward, no nonsense life insurance no medical exams.

Most people have had some issues with their health in the past or currently still do, some suffer from diabetes, High blood pressure, non- aggressive cancer, kidney or liver problems, problem with their bladder, thyroid, multiple sclerosis, Heart disease eg. Coronary artery disease etc. and for that have been declined for life insurance.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 80, our non medical life insurance coverage is available for you. With a few life style questions, you are on your way to finally getting the life insurance no medical coverage you need. We are compassionate and understand that life happens. We won’t hold your sickness against you; rather we help you to finally get the life insurance protection your family wished you had. We sell peace of mind. Send us request for a quote for life insurance no medical today and our knowledgeable advisor assigned to you will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.